our Mission

our goals

We strengthen the development of the regional economy by giving customers the opportunity to travel affordably, time-efficiently and sustainably. With new aircraft and technology that reactivates lost markets and expands the boundaries of air travel in a scalable, sustainable and economically viable way.

Our claim

We connect point-to-point European business regions. A flight schedule that generates connectivity between cities several times a day results in high reliability of connections for our customers. New technology makes airline ticket prices competitive with major network carriers. Our destinations are bookable worldwide in all major booking tools.


Sustainable through
regionally produced electricity


Less aircraft noise



our Vision

Cheap tickets, time savings through direct flights and a 100% sustainable product make EVIA AERO very attractive for business travelers. The connected destinations follow a business logic. Only destinations where there is a demonstrable need for connectivity beforehand will be flown to. Worldwide bookability in all systems make it easy for corporate travel agents, travel agencies and self-bookers to book their flight ticket.


Florian Kruse, Founder & CEO, EVIA AERO GmbH, Bremen, Germany

Florian Kruse

Founder & CEO