Pave the way for sustainable aviation.

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Sustainably connecting Europe's economic areas

Aviation changes

Climate change and the need for emission-neutral propulsion systems and the associated infrastructure will redimension airlines and airports. Ticket prices for air travel will increase massively. Nevertheless, the economy will continue to depend on connectivity within Europe.

Electric aircraft will make regional air travel ecologically and economically feasible.

Reliably connecting economic areas

The new technology will make it possible once again to operate the proven regional transport business model and reactivate lost markets. The added value for business travelers: Significant time savings at the same cost. And in addition: climate neutrality.


Maiden flight of Eviation's electric 9-seater "Alice"

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September 15, 2023

Evia Aero To Build 50-Megawatt Photovoltaic Plant In Finland

Evia Aero has ordered electric and hydrogen-electric aircraft from startups Eviation and Cranfield Aerospace, respectively.